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Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be food.

Our body is a miracle and given the proper nutrients it can heal. Our modern lifestyle has taken its toll on our digestive and eliminatory organs. Refined, processed. low fiber foods, animal fats, lack of exercise, dehydration, pollution, nutrient starved soil and an increasing level of stress all contribute to sluggish elimination and poor health.

We can not effectively absorb vitimins and other essential nutrients if our body lacks the necessary mineral base to support them.

Cleansing or detoxifying is our body's natural process for eliminating harmful toxins.

Our body will eliminate toxins through the liver [its primary detoxifying organ]colon, urinary tract, sweat glands, skin pores and the lymphatic system.

The liver is the gateway to internal health, when the liver is overworked it has a dramatic effect on how we feel. A strong liver means improved digestion, better metabolism and an increase in fat-burning ability.

A balanced nutritional program with adequate calories, proteins, essential fats and carbohydrates can help a sluggish, damaged or toxic liver rejuvenate and regenerate.

A healthy liver promotes healthy thyroid function, when the thyroid comes alive our metabolism and energy level escalate.

When our liver is revitalized fatigue becomes a thing of the past and healthy brain chemistry is restored.

Based on your health goals the best way to support a balanced healthy body is to commit to an ongoing daily nutrition and exercise plan.
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