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“ I live in Kelowna, Canada with my husband of over 20 years and our one year old pup Tika. I love helping people grow, expand and flourish. I have been effectively working with individuals, couples, families and groups for decades.

My clients are excited that they are able to transform old patterns and find their peace, power and patience. They access Inner Wisdom to assist in the process of creating permanent higher potential patterns of behavior. Both individuals, couples, families and groups learn how to connect and communicate with their authentic self when they need help with stress, decisions, challenge or change. Each session helps to understand our meaning, path and purpose at a deeper level.

We use elegant effective Pranic Healing TM and the “Law of Non-Locality” to scan your bioplasmic body at a distance . You receive immediate readings and mental, physical, emotional & spiritual rebalancing.

We offer a series of gentle yet powerfully transformative sessions based on the holographic understanding of human consciousness.

As multi dimensional human beings we assist you to access new key levels of reality that are harmoniously inclusive of all science, religion and spirituality grounded in reverence and gratitude.

We use holographic imagery to allow you to recognize, communicate with and transform negative behaviors, beliefs or patterns in a supportive and confidential setting. In the peace and comfort of your home the on-line experience enables you to relax and communicate openly, fitting sessions seamlessly into your life style.

Individual, couple, family and group sessions are available.

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For Further Info Contact Marilee by email:[email protected] or 250-491-1228
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