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A Unique, Enjoyable, Effective Blend of Personal Programs and Group Support

We live in a sea of energy, a vibratory ocean in which the life forces of people and nature co-mingle. We are all subliminally sensitive to this energy in ourselves and others. We often respond to it emotionally, in fact, although each of us has a natural energy shield which protects us from continuous bombardment. When our shields become impaired or damaged, however, we become much more vulnerable to the constantly buffeting waves of subtle energy vibration. The improvement and maintenance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health frequently require the restoration of our protective shields.

Sonic-HealingTM is an elegant and powerful means of regaining and maintaining health. We understand but a tiny fraction of the nature and power of sound, but we do constantly experience its effects. The study of cymatics demonstrates the capacity of sound waves to organize matter into an infinite variety of shapes, forms and motion. (Videos of this are available.) Images have been captured of sound rapidly destroying harmful cells, and sound waves are also known to be carriers of information.

The greatest pharmacy in the world is within our own being. When this pharmacy is directed by sound intention, love and wisdom, it produces everything required biochemically for good health.

Sonic-Healing is a highly effective way of repairing damaged energy patterns. A comprehensive series of audio programs provides a safe, natural, enjoyable approach to healing a wide variety of ailments and conditions, while regularly scheduled teleclasses & webinars, as well as periodic workshops & retreats provide invaluable interaction with others using the programs.
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