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Sonic-Healing Webinars and Teleclasses

Unhealthy energy patterns are sometimes stubbornly entrenched, and changing them requires commitment, persistence, and patience. Countless cases of "miraculous" short term healing have eventually been reversed because the original causal factors have not been addressed. No illness is truly healed until a lifestyle rooted in destructive patterns has been replaced with patterns of meaning, purpose and service.

Sonic-HealingTM teleclasses provide invaluable support, encouragement and further education. If you choose to complement the use of your personal Sonic-Healing audio programs with these regularly scheduled interactive sessions, you will hear what works for others in similar situations, as well as receive additional information for your own circumstance . Many people find it much easier to use the programs as required when they are part of a like-minded group. There's an "added sense of responsibility and accountability," they say, when participating with others.

Sonic-Healing teleclasses are highly recommended to accelerate healing and maintain good health. Participating in them will help you develop the daily habits needed to restore and maintain good health. As you hear how others are doing in their healing process, your sense of direction and possibility will also be reinforced. Teleclasses are hosted by Doctor Duncan and Marilee Goheen. All sessions are conducted by telephone and run once a week for six weeks. Distant healing will also be done during these sessions.

Becoming aware of your subtle energy flow is of great importance for your personal health and well-being and for harmonious relationships with all people and the earth. As our hearts, lungs and other organs are part of our bodies, so are we ourselves "organs" in much larger "bodies." We are interconnected with all that is, part of the earth, part of the solar system, part of the universe.

With practice, over time, your awareness of the interacting fields of subtle energies in and around your body will increase and your consciousness will learn to align with its innate wisdom. As your awareness and sensitivity grow, your healing experience will give you the feedback you need so that your mind slowly releases any disbeliefs that it might have had about your healing. This positive healing experience will also help release the negative thought patterns that might have helped create some of the problems in the first place.

These are life-altering experiences that you may want to share with others. Weekend and 5- day Sonic-Healing workshops and retreats are scheduled from time to time. These extended sessions include inner work, inner body exercises, prayer, meditation, reflection, identifying patterns on all levels that require change and then implementing changes to become healthy habits in one's daily routine on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

Sonic-Healing through harmonic overtoning and other vocal and instrumental participation will also be an essential part of all gatherings. Click Here for announcements and descriptions of Workshops and Retreats.
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